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Populated since the Arab era - the Saracens, in fact, called this area Pausis Alòs (from the Greek Παύσις Αλός , "port to the sea") - the city of Pozzallo has always been the Mediterranean gateway to Africa and the island of Malta .

Not surprisingly, the economic fortunes of the area date back to the fourteenth century: in fact, the construction of a loader for the export of grain near the city port was at that time.

Therefore the commercial vocation of Pozzallo is very ancient and has continued over the centuries, positively affecting, among other things, the conservation of the territory which, unlike other coastal slopes of Sicily, has been spared by the construction of large industrial settlements.

In addition to the related industries linked to mercantile activities, the tourist economy has also grown in recent years. Three, roughly, the reasons behind the tourist success of Pozzallo:

  • the fact of being the only coastal town in the Ragusa area with beautiful beaches, often awarded the "Blue Flag";

  • the proximity to Ragusa, Modica and the other late Baroque cities of the Val di Noto protected by Unesco;

  • the maritime connections with Malta , which is about 54 miles.

The country is also very nice to see. From the Torre Cabrera , to the Church of Santa Maria di Portosalvo , passing through the Art Nouveau buildings of Piazza delle Rimembranze , time passes pleasantly while walking around Pozzallo.