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The proximity to the Egadi islands is certainly one of the greatest strengths of Marsala. And this especially during the summer, when the connections with the archipelago intensify to meet the needs of tourists who want to relax between Favignana, Levanzo and Marettimo.

However, Marsala has a charm of its own that will hardly leave you indifferent. The city, since ancient times, has been the scene of events that have changed historyIts coasts are silent witnesses of the passage of the Phoenicians, of a naval battle during the First Punic War and, relatively recently, of the landing of the Thousand by Giuseppe Garibaldi, in 1860. Walking through the streets of the city and visiting its most important places, you will have the impression of having plunged into an exciting history book.

The city (also known for the natural reserve of the Stagnone and the salt pans) is the ideal destination for foodies, who will be able to satisfy their palate by tasting delicious dishes. Fish, of course, is the undisputed king of the table together with other typical foods of the Sicilian tradition (caponata, arancino, cannolo, etc.). Speaking of food and wine, it is impossible not to mention one of the most famous Sicilian wines in the world: Marsala .