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Gorgona boasts several firsts: it is in fact the northernmost and the least extensive of the islands of the Tuscan archipelago. It is 36 km from the coast, and administratively depends on Livorno, from whose port ferries leave that allow tourists to reach the island twice a week. Gorgona is famous for the presence, by far in 1869, an agricultural penal colonythe last of its kind still operating in Italy and in Europe.

Despite being a place of detention, over the years the island has become a tourist destination visited by hundreds of people every year. In fact, a whole series of historical evidences insist on Gorgona that will not fail to capture your attention. Among these it is impossible not to mention the Torre Nuova from the Medici era - which overlooks the small port frequented by the fishermen of the fishing village - and the thirteenth-century Torre Vecchiabuilt by the PisansFinally, the church of San Gorgonio deserves a mention: rebuilt in 1723, next to it there are the remains of the monastery dedicated to the saint and to Santa Maria. Populated since the Neolithic, Gorgona has been frequented throughout its history by EtruscansRomans and Lombards, and was also helpless witness to the violent raids of the Saracens.