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The city of Tangier, also because of its strategic geographical position , has always been a crossroads of very different peoples and culturesOver the centuries it has been dominated, among others, by PhoeniciansCarthaginiansRomansVandalsArabsSpaniardsEnglish and so on. 

Muslim from the eighth century AD, Tangier began to grow exponentially from a commercial point of view, especially starting from the nineteenth century. Such an economically fertile city  could not help but arouse the appetites of the main European powers, eager to get their hands on that territory as soon as possible. 

Following the resolution of the two Moroccan crises that took place at the beginning of the twentieth century, Tangier was subjected to an international regimeIn the autumn of 1956 the city finally returned to Morocco, which had gained independence just a few months earlier. 

Defined since ancient times the "gateway to Morocco", Tangier consolidated this peculiarity especially in the early years of the new millennium, when work began on the port of Tangier MedThe airport, located just under 50 km from the city, is one of the driving forces of the country's economy and a very important reference for international trade.

Obviously the city and the surrounding area are not limited to this. Tangier is a city rich in history and culture (see par. What to see near the port of Tangier ), and is often chosen as the first stop by those who intend to explore Morocco. Thanks to the trains leaving from Tanger Ville station, you can reach AssilahRabatCasablanca and so on. 

Heading towards Cap Spartel (included in the homonymous nature reserve ), you will finally have the opportunity to visit a very suggestive place: we refer to the Caves of Hercules, which according to the myth were the home of the famous hero.