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An important port and residential center since ancient times, before the conquest by the Romans (459 BC) Anzio was the capital of the Volsci, an ancient Italic people who based their livelihood on agriculture and pastoralism. The city, located in the middle of the Agro Romano, was for a long time a popular destination for the Capitoline aristocracy (who built sumptuous villas there) and also gave birth to two prominent exponents of the Julius-Claudian gens as well as emperors: Caligula and Nero.

However, Anzio is also known internationally for a very famous episode of the Second World War, namely the homonymous landing of the allied troops on January 22, 1944

In addition to being very rich in art and history, the territory of the Municipality of Anzio includes the Tor Caldara Regional Nature Reserve . Established in 1988, the protected natural area is almost completely flat, dotted with sulfur springs and ends with a cliff on top of which stands the sixteenth-century watchtower that gives the reserve its name, and which was used to monitor Saracen raids. The area is also characterized by the presence of the typical vegetation of the Mediterranean scrub (holm oaks , cork oaks , etc.) and by a huge variety of fauna

Under the purely gastronomic profile, typical of Anzio dishes are those of the great Roman and Lazio culinary tradition: the classic carbonara with artichokes in aspic, from croutons to ponticiana the i Emperor nsalata, from pens mascarpone to farro polenta truffle etc. Finally, on the table, the "Maritozzi" (typical Lazio dessert stuffed with whipped cream) and, as far as the wines are concerned, a good glass of Neptune DOC cannot be missing .